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REMI DESROQUESProducer / Composer / Arranger / Sound Engineer

Born in Paris, France in 1980, Remi started to learn music at 3 years old and went into a special music school, which offered general study and music. He learned the piano, choir, orchestra, music theory and history. He completes a degree in music in 1995 then Science & Electronics in 1999 to be accepted to the audio engineer school. In 1999 he moves to the US, in order to get a different experience and to make his learning process original. While studying in Seattle, Washington for 3 years he completes a third degree in Multimedia - Audio & Video productions and an internship at Clatter & Din studios. In 2003, he moves to another location in Seattle in order to build a recording studio and to create Wave Reader Productions... He has been producing all sorts of music from Classical to Hip-Hop and anything in between... In 2007, he leaves the U.S and goes to Japan where he built a new recording studio in Nagaoka, Niigata. He is now writing music for all sorts of media and producing people from all over the world.

Phone: +81 909-425-7662

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Joanna PearlSinger songwriter

Joanna Pearl, a singer/songwriter is an up and coming artist with an undeniable passion for music and right now she’s working on her first EP. The exciting sound that she has made her own is certain to gain interest from young and old alike.

Joanna was born in Illinois, but raised in Californian and experienced the music industry early on by dabbling in recording in Nashville. She has always had a special place in her heart for country but Joanna describes her sound as a mix between Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Pop. Her intensity for singing stems from being able to live through music and also to tell others about herself through her music. When asked about where she gets her inspiration she commented, “I believe songs are a form of storytelling and I always try to convey that in my singing. If I can’t feel it, then I usually won’t do it any justice by trying to sing it.” She also had to say this about her songwriting, “I relate to others through my writing. I write from the heart and always try to relate to others by writing what I’m feeling. It’s a direct reflection of who I am.”


Gustav SmitSinger songwriter

South African singer songwriter, Gustav Smit, has been writing music since the age of 13. Gustav is a vocalist who plays guitar and piano and is looking to collaborate with musicians from around the world. He grew up listening to a wide variety of music which formed the foundation of his simplistic melodic sound. Strong influences by singer songwriters like Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, and more recently John Mayer can be detected in his music.In his own words, “music is the language of the soul, the food of the spirit, transcends all.”



Interlude started singing at the age of fourteen and began song writing at the age of sixteen. Predominantly a top line writer, she writes within the genres of pop, hip hop, soul and R&B. She has written hundreds of songs and produced many different albums over the years and will be releasing her first mixtape ‘Angels & Demons’ later in 2012 which is a collaboration with a UK rapper. Interlude has collaborated with many different artists and is always looking for new artists and producers to work with. Subscribe to her YouTube channel!



Emcee and producer, B. Dot grew up in the San Fernando Valley and proves to be the heat coming out it. Cut from a new cloth and structured with street smarts, self-discipline and character, he attracts a new spirit of hip hop. Since the age of two, music has been deeply intertwined into his life. His father, Charlie B, has been an outstanding leader in the music industry for over 20 years; working with the likes of Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, and even, the late great Michael Jackson. Therefore, naturally, evolving B. Dot into a melting pot of modern and classic artistry. Although he grew up around gang affiliates due to his environment, he managed stayed out of trouble by playing football which he did so well that he landed a scholarship to Oregon State University. Two years later, he chose to leave college and give into what was more dominant in his life, music. B. Dot is strategically working with a fierce team of fresh rising individuals, such as, The Neo Culture, Myke Reevez, G-nas, super producer Taylor Graves aka T dolla, video director Brandon Clarke of Clarke Productions and BrotherHood Ent, to name a few. B. Dot makes sure to stay focused on the prize, and only his mind is the scene of the crime, as you will hear on his new project, TRUE KINGZ. The mixtape includes 11 tales of hopes, disappointments, vengeance, wisdom, and upliftment.
B. Dot explains, "True kingz is about us as a culture taking accountability for our misguidance and confusion we sometimes perpetuate within our music. I took this as an opportunity to speak on real issues from the past and present in order to be better in the future". B. Dot stands on the grassroots of today's crucial hip hop movement. He embodies many key facets of Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, Eazy E, Biggie, and many other greats... but is elevating on his own foundation. Look out for more success of B. Dot to ignite. His EP/Mixtape True Kingz will be out in July 2012 followed by his Album in September 2012.


Bitter HazeBand - Rock/Rnb/Soul

Bitter Haze started in January 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. Three of the members; Yosuke (bass), Greg (Guitar), and Daniel (Keys) were brought in from separate projects by Sean Deely (vocalist). Sean McGee is currently a stand in drummer but not an official member.
The goal of the Bitter Haze project is to take elements from R&B, Soul, and Rock to make an energetic and yet soothing sound to captivate you as much in the live show as well as through the produced recording. Since January 2012 Bitter Haze has already played 5 shows, has six original songs, and has independently released an EP. Currently there are at least two shows a month scheduled for Bitter Haze until November 2012, and they are working hard to arrange for a short tour abroad in the beginning of 2013.
Bitter Haze is also currently working hard on putting out a full album before 2013. Besides putting out recorded music and playing shows however, Bitter Haze is also very motivated and utilizes the latest SEO and SMM techniques to extend their reach as much as possible. The Twitter, Facebook, Reverb Nation, SoundCloud, and Youtube pages as well as the Bitter Haze blog are continually growing and attracting more attention everyday due to their efforts in producing consistent and interesting content.
The Bitter Haze project is fueled by hard work and motivation, they have given 110% from the start and will continue to for as long as Bitter Haze exists.


PAUL NADASDYSong writer / Vocal / Guitar

UK electroRock artist. Main influences: The Doors, Radiohead, Joy Division, Stone Roses. Interpol, Editors, Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Massive Attack, Jimi Hendrix, The Verve. His musical style has come from playing in many different bands - from 7-piece electronica to Hendrix cover bands - and mostly while living in Tokyo, though he started writing and producing while he was living in Mancester in the 90s, where watching artists like Badly Drawn Boy, Lamb, and Ian Dury and the Blockheads sent off all sorts of sparks. Now he's focussed on creating sounds and building dreamscapes of my own with inspirational producer, Remi Desroques. Life in JP is good - always some new perspectives to consider and new places to discover. When he first arrived, he used to plug in and wander around the city but moved away to live by the sea inspired by sunsets and starry nights rather than neon lights and industrial landscapes. Hope the music takes you somewhere. Working on an album. Watch this space.


Emeric de AranjoVocal

Cet auteur-compositeur-interprète a un long parcours musical. Après avoir participé à des concours de chant, remporté des prix, rencontré des personnes influentes[Lesquels ?], Emeric sort son premier disque, en 1998, en autoproduction. La carrière d'Emeric est lancée ! Dès lors, il va de scène en scène dans tout le Sud-Ouest de la France, accompagné de la chanteuse Jeanne-Lise, avec qui il tourne depuis plus de sept ans.

Emeric a réalisé cinq singles, dont deux en duo avec Jeanne-Lise, un album C'est ça ta vie sorti en 2006. Il a été en première partie d'artistes tels que IMAGE, Zouk Machine, Daniel Guichard, Gérard Lenorman. Il a participé à des émissions de radio telles que France Bleue, Virgin Radio, Radio Inside, La Voix Du Béarn. Il a fait des passages TV comme à M6 Popstars, France 2 Télématin.


LANCE LATHAMSong Writer / Vocal / Guitar

Born and raised in North Texas, Lance got his first guitar a few months before graduating high school and setting off for the cold North East for college. He Came back west to Las Vegas with an extra guitar, but stayed there only a year teaching and avoiding the casinos. After that, he hopped on a large plane flying over to Japan and has been living there ever since. “Now I have 4 guitars, a mandolin, a small steel drum, a wife, a baby, and a friend with the most amazing self-built studio I have ever seen”


PAUL BUTLERSong writer / Vocal / Guitar / Bass

Parked my guitar in 1983 after two fun years and one album with Chicken Shack. Before that played in several line-ups with Keef Hartley, and other lesser known British bands - including three versions, three albums and umpteen singles with Blue Horizon band - Jellybread (material re-released by Sony at end of 2008). Highlights included backing BB King on three tracks of his Live in London album, London Gumbo with Lightning Slim, playing with Taj Mahal in Finland, a gig in a small club in Battersea with Eddie Guitar Burns, a crazy night at the Paradiso supporting Slade, and turning up to play at early Glastonbury in 82/83 and thinking I had time shifted back to 1967!. Musicians I have been fortunate to play with - Pete Wingfield, Rick Hayward, Duster, Keef and Stan Webb, Ric Lee and Leo Lyons, Steve Yorke, Miller Anderson, Andy Pyle, John Altman,Tony Ashton, Bernie Marsden, Laurence Garman, Pete Gage, Gary Barnacle. It was incestuous! Current faves - but I haven't played with them (yet!) Gurf Morlix, Brad Paisley, Band of Heathens, Mary Gauthier, Eliza Gilkyson. Yeah, I know its across the Atlantic, but so were the Blues. Blame it on an SJ200 I acquired in October 2008. Sort of Glory Train experience...


AIRAM SSORMC (Spoken word)

MariaRenee a.k.a. Airam Ssor. This freshly anointed playmate resides in the LBC . Airam has a technique of interpreting patterns of rhythm into rhyme & measuring words against music in the samemanner a seamstress measures the body she will clothe. Working in this way produces a fine, couture flow. In recent years improv jam sessions, have tested and shaped her lyrical skills to be ready upon command. Her style of delivery falls between slam poetry and pure sap; a place where moving shapes and patterns can be slowed down at will, similar to a Dali watch. Always comfortable in her flow, always irenic, and sometimes for mature audiences only, Airam Ssor commands her airwaves augustly. You can hear more self recorded feats on Indaba Music, you can also follow her upcoming sessions.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I've been influenced by both American and European roots (My father's from Spain). I grew up listening to a wide range of music which helped form the foundation of my eclectic sound today. My 1st album entitled "Lost", has only been in production for several months so I still have a ways to go, but it seems to be coming along pretty smoothly. My songs vary from club songs to ballads and everything in between. I haven't been doing this nearly as long as other artists since this is only my 1st album, but I've been learning quick and people seem to be in tune and liking what I've been doing so far.

I've been recording my whole album with Tackett Productions (Stephen Tackett) who's honing in on my sound with every new song I record. With awesome production and collaboration with other great artists, look for my album "Lost" to drop around the end of summer 2011.

Also look out for various mixtape tracks that I will be featured on throughout the summer!!


TIM JANAKOSSong Writer / Vocal / Guitar

Timothy tries to take all up life’s ups and downs and turn them into a music stories that hopefully everyone can relate to. His lyrics are replete with philosophical references to the Buddhist idea that life and consciousness is unlimited and the human potential is beyond what can even be fathomed. He draws on his many years of experience playing many musical instruments and studying many styles of music to try to prove Daisaku Ikeda's idea the "There are no boundaries in the field of music."



Hazuki (Hazuki Donomae) has been singing most of her life and performed on many venues and stages, including live on nationally televised programs in Japan, where she was the winner in her regional heat before proceeding to the national final. While studying at university, she has continued developing her talent as a singer-songwriter. She has recently begun collaborating with producer Remi Desroques and will be recording her first album at Wave Reader Productions. She has also worked in and around music, singing on a TV commercial, a lead vocalist in a band and as an MC at live events and shows and so on. Additionally, she is an accomplished dancer having practiced all her life.



William Martin aka Sugardaddy is originally from Antigua & Barbuda (Caribbean) and is living in Basel (Switzerland) since 18 years. In the year 1992 he founded the Uprising Sound System. With this Sound System he was playing monthly in the Summer casino in Basel for seven years. Sugardaddy is also known as DJ and MC. He gave many reggae and hip hop DJ's a possibility to come out with their music at the Uprising events. The well known Basel Reggae group Scrucialists had their FIRST concert at a Uprising Sound System Reggae Party. Also Famara was on stage at the well known Uprising Reggae Parties. After the Summercasino Uprising Sound System did play in many other international cities as well as in Germany, France, England and Antigua W.I. (In Germany in the known UNIVERSAL DOG Disco in Lahr).

During the sound system time Sugardaddy also started to sing and has performed with various reggae bands such as Gang Lords (CH), Red Eyes Bands (France), Italian Dove (Antigua), Jahfreeka (France), Fighing Roots (France/Switzerland), Free Limits (CH), Herbal Soldiers (CH), Mighty Roots (CH). Among other things, he opened the show with Fighting Roots at the Tony Rebel, Warrior King and Queen Africa concert in Mulhouse (France). Through the music Sugardaddy got also mentioned 2009 in a special music book. The name of the book is PopBasel.


YUJI KASAISong writer / Guitar / Bass

Yuji Kasai started to play guitar when he was 13 years old. He also started writing his own songs at that time. Yuji Kasai has a keen sense of songwriting and always tries to keep his audience alert. In 2007 he joined Wave Reader Productions and started to record his 1st rock album with Remi Desroques.

13歳の時にギターを弾き始め、その頃から作曲もし始める。曲を作るにあたり常に聴衆の立場を忘れず、そして鋭い作曲センスの持ち主である。2007年にレミ デロックと出会い、Wave Reader Productionsに所属。そしてアルバムレコーディング開始。



Tanci is the stage name of this young equatorian woman settled down in Madrid and the new sensation of the national R*B in her slope more mainstream. The welcome gives it with “ Shhh .. ” an awaited debut, engraved album produced in the USA, for the producers Insomniax (Boyz II Men, R Kelly, Frankie J, Jojo, Che ’ Nelle, etc); Gregg Pagani (nominated to the grammys for Charlie Wilson “ There Goes My Baby ” and worldwide known by his productions to Babyface, Mary J Blige, Fantasy LeAnn Rhimes, 3LW, etc ..); and Iker Arranz.

Her beautiful and sweet voice treated by the vocal coach Nick Cooper L.A. (Beyoncé, Neyo, Tamia, between others), added the quality of the productions, make this album the best Spanish R&B album of for 2011.

A cd composed by 14 tracks, Tanci takes shape with elegance and sensuality histories of love and lack of affection to the purest style U.S.A. "Corazones de Mujer" breaks the ice, proposing a feminine perspective to confront the life, with safety and effort.



BeeZee is born in Johannesburg South Africa, but he lives in Cape Town. BeeZee has been rapping for 6 years but started taking it seriously since 2010. He raps to feel sane...To alleviate the weight on his shoulder blades, to express his emotions far better than his spoken words. BeeZee is a individualist and voices his opinion with a strong flow to attract rap listeners. He tries to bring real rap back, although he knows it's really hard to be heard in this oversaturated industry. He loves the craft with his whole heart, and in a way the bass is the sound of his heart. His goal is for people to connect with his emotions and he wants to inspire people till the day he puts the mike down. Release of 1st mixtape named Hyperfocus in January!
Here is a free download:




Known and labelled as the crowds pleasers and the reseractors of hip hop music in their city called Basel, are Malik Martin (DoubleM) born 19th September 1990 and Zamoni Martin (MadzaM) born 26th February 1989. Brothers born in different countries are inspired by artists such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan formed an unique and one-of-a-kind group called the Yungstarz in 2002. Being young and ambitious Yungstarz became a new buzz on the streets with songs like “Wiggle like jello“, placing number one on the European dj league hip hop charts, “Move and get down“ with G-unit`s Hot Rod and “The way you move“ with germany`s wonder Feleke.
Yungstarz further moved on by sharing the same stage with artists like Young Money`s Tyga, Hurricane Chris to name a few and festivals such as Frauenfeld, Kleinhüningen Festival and more. In late 2010 until now Yungstarz is placed number one on the Reverbnation charts for their location. As fans would say quotes like Yungstarz keep the fire burning in the world of music and brings the bass to every beat.
Indeed Yungstarz is the voice and face in the future of hip hop. They phrase motivators are; always keep the ball rolling for hard work will one day pay off and perseverance is the key to success.



At first listen the guy who calls himself Xodus (born G. Willis Jr.), seems like your typical mild-manner man of an increasing smorgasbord of the "aspiring rappers" genre. Without properly listening to his works one would easily put him in this category as well. Until after a few more listens they realize Xodus is really in a league of his own, not everyone has a ticket for yet. From the way he constructs his words, deliveries, and details that he splashes on to the canvas of musical symbiosis. Creating works of art that maybe “judged by its cover”, before people actually begin reading the pages.


BERTRAND LISSONDESong writer / vocal

Bertrand Lissonde Born on November 3, 1982 has been making since High School. In 2009 and produced a Punk album with his band "Bogota" entittled "Du bitume a la paresse". You can check it out on myspace (website link below).

Bogota album


LegendMC / Vocal

The founder and CEO of Fa Sho Records, Legend- also known as the Savior Of Song- is an artist, producer, songwriter, musician, businessman and active Christian. He began making music at age 12 and has an array of styles and personalities. He is a rapper and vocalist who plays the guitar and piano. According to Legend, when he gave his life to Christ at the age of 15 he was ordained by God as the Savior of Song and his music took on new meaning. He makes Christian contemporary, rock, rap, praise and worship music that can be heard on
Legend does not limit his musical abilities in the secular world, making versatile music in the pop, rock, R&B, and country genres. Sought after by major record labels, Legend has turned down numerous offers and continues to run the independent label of Fa Sho Records. More info of Legend, including his bio and music, can be found on


David ChallmanSinger songwriter

David Challman is a Pacific Northwest Native who currently lives in Seattle, Washington. Strongly influenced by Seattle's rich musical heritage he has been song writing since he started playing the guitar in the early nineties. Currently he is in the group Folkbot. It is a blend of acoustic song writing and electronic music (hence the name). The group is made up of David and long time friend and digital genius Richie Valenzuela. David is also planning on releasing a collection of songs he wrote, played and produced entirely by himself. When He is not playing music he is working on some king of artistic endeavor from drawing and painting for enjoyment to creating posters and ads for small business. In 2011 he earned a BFA in Graphic Design. He feels that artand music are very important. It is one of the last places where people are equal and can express themselves open and honestly. A good song is a good song no matter where you come from.